Confetti hair is the easiest way to get ready for a party

Forget all the complicated buns, impossible up-dos, and Pinterest hair tutorials: confetti hair is here to save the day.

Okay, so confetti hair has actually been here for awhile. Back in September, models at British designer Ashish Gupta’s walked down the runway with their hair covered in confetti. Gupta told Mane Addicts that the inspiration came to him after seeing scattered sequins in his studio. “I thought they just looked beautiful. Why try and impose order when disorder looks so great?”

Hairstylist Ali Pirzadeh intepreted and keyed the hair for Gupta’s show, and said the inspiration was all about “a skateboard girl who’s had some fun rolling around in a tinsel cupboard.” According to Seventeen, he used craft sequins and got them to stay on the hair with copious amounts of hairspray. The look is very reminiscent of Easter egg hunts and Day of the Dead festivals in Mexico, in which eggs full of confetti (known as cascarónes) are crushed over one’s head, thus showering that person full of confetti. In Mexican culture, it’s a way to show affection toward someone and it is thought to bring good luck.

To get this look, just spray your hair with a firm hold hairspray. While the product is still tacky, pour sequins over your head. You can put as many or as little as you want. Once you get your desired effect, mist with hairspray again to keep them in place. You can use any types or shapes of sequins you want, just be sure to avoid paper confetti, as the hairspray will break down the paper. When you’re done with the look, you can just shake out your hair and shampoo. If you want to extend the look to your makeup, you can glue some well-placed sequins on your face with clear lash glue.

The best thing about hair like this? It will totally eliminate any awkward small talk at holiday parties. When someone shows up with sequins in their hair, it’s an immediate conversation-starter.

(Images via Instagram)