Meowstard and Catchup are very real condiments for cats

Cats can be notoriously picky eaters. The next time your kitty turns her nose up at her kibble, though, it might be because you’ve forgotten something super important. Duh, the condiments.

Um, what?

Condiments. You know, mustard, ketchup and such. Only in this case, we’re talking about Meowstard and Catchup. Because OBVIOUSLY. Thanks to Petchup, the geniuses behind Muttstard and Bark B-Q for dogs (seriously, these folks are killing it with the names), condiments for cats are an actual, real thing. And they’re legit awesome.

Catchup and Meowstard not only make kitty’s food taste better (like salmon and turkey respectively), but they also add important nutritional supplements like glucosamine, omega 3, 6 & 9 and prebiotics to your cat’s diet. According to Petchup’s website, their products are “made from the finest natural food-grade, nutritional ingredients available. We wouldn’t want to put something in their mouth we‘re not willing to put in our own. We are committed to a holistic approach to your pets’ nutritional well-being.”

Sounds pretty amazing. And besides, how could we resist something called Meowstard? I mean, really. We’re only human. And we’re kind of wondering how cats have tolerated condiment-free dining all this time. Bless their patient little kitty hearts.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m sensing an abundance of feline backyard BBQs in the near future. Kitty cookouts? All of the yes.

[Images via Petchup.]

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