We have some concerning news about that popular sheet mask trend

We LOVE masking, so we’re obviously so on board with the sheet mask trend. Like, who isn’t? Unfortunately, though, we have bad news that has us side-eyeing our sheet masks, because, welp, it seems like they’re maybe not created as ethically, or as hygienically, as we would have assumed.


New research by Racked has us freaked out about the beloved sheet mask.

1. Apparently, some face masks are made in people’s homes.

Like, forreal. There are people like you and me sitting around folding face masks. And, oh yeah, they don’t always wear gloves. Major ACK. Like, really? How is that even *close* to okay?


2. So the whole hygiene thing is called into question.

As Racked explains, not all masks are made in homes, but enough are that it’s been called into question. Our mask-loving hearts are broken, and we’re not sure we can pick up another sheet mask without guilt, and feeling a little grossed out.



H/t Racked

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