Conan O’Brien’s concession speech for The Rock’s “Sexiest Man Alive” honor is hilarious

Who requires a hearty laugh on this wonderful day? Everyone, we suppose, but no one knows how desperately we need all of the guffaws we can get right now better than Conan O’Brien, whose concession speech for The Rock‘s newly acquired Sexiest Man Alive honor is just the right amount of funny to get us in a feel-good mood.

According to Uproxx, the talk show host had some serious thoughts to get off his chest about People choosing The Rock as his predecessor (he was joking y’all — kind of). O’Brien opened the segment with an intro that led us to believe he was talking about the 2016 presidential election results but we are most relieved that he was actually not.

Last year, Chris Hemsworth conceded his “Sexiest” title to David Beckham with a couple of tweets, but obviously that was far too simple and low-key for O’Brien:

SIGHS. It must be *so* hard being named 2016’s guy that the world shamelessly crushes on, so knowing that O’Brien willingly passed the torch instead of clinging to it in desperate denial should totally put The Rock at ease with knowing that for the next year, he is certifiably sexy.