Everything we know about Conan O’Brien’s hilarious new show “People of Earth”

Recently, King of Comedy Conan O’Brien tweeted an update about the new show People of Earth he is producing for TBS, reminding us that we have a new comedy to look forward to:

Well, if that’s not awesome advertising, we don’t know what is. Nonetheless, we thought we’d give a rundown of what we know about People of Earth so far, because we have to admit—we’re pretty darn excited.

Here is what we know so far about this awesome comedy

1. It stars Daily Show alum Wyatt Cenac 

According to Variety, Cenac plays “a journalist who is skeptical of alien-abduction claims at first but comes to suspect that he’s had his own close encounter.”

2.It is created and written by comedy legends

Greg Daniels, who we know from his history as creator/showrunner of the American The Office and Parks and Recreation,is the showrunner of People of Earth, with the pilot by David Jenkins. This isn’t the first time Conan and Daniels will have collaborated. Both graduated from Harvard in the 1980s, where the two came up together as comedy writers.

3.The supporting cast is excellent

Not only is People of Earth written by and starring creative geniuses, the rest of the cast is just as intriguing (not to mention, funny). The ensemble includes Oscar Nunez, who we all remember as Oscar from the American Office, Ana Gasteyer, Michael Cassidy, Nancy Lenehan, Luka Jones, Alice Wetterlund, Brian Huskey, Tracee Chimo, Bjorn Gustafson and Ken Hall. That’s a long list of talent!

4. The trailer already has us giggling

Need proof that this show is going to be a hoot? Just watch the trailer.