Conan O’Brien trying virtual reality gaming is all of us only funnier

If you haven’t tried virtual reality gaming, you’re apparently missing out big time. It’s all the rage, and all the cool kids are doing. And by cool kids, we mean humans who don’t suffer from motion sickness. Conan O’Brien tried the HTC Vive, and proved everyone needs to try virtual reality ASAP.

O’Brien recently visited the YouTube Space in New York City to sample VR using the HTC Vive. He met with Tom Small who heads up VR for the YouTube Spaces.

And he hilariously let him know that he’s very interested in what VR means for pornography.

Once in the VR lab, which O’Brien described as being “just green paper,” the background turned into his virtual reality. He demonstrated painting with the Tilt Brush and then worked in a virtual office and restaurant. He even ate a tasteless red velvet doughnut and threw a burned corn on the cob at a robot waiter.

He then ended up in a boxing ring with a guy who he told needed to get a mole checked out at the dermatologist.

So yeah, O’Brien’s reaction to VR is exactly the reaction we’d have trying it for the first time, but like, a billion times funnier.

The VR world is insanely realistic and kind of blows our minds the way 3D printing does (seriously, we may never understand how that works).

Check out the entire hilarious segment:

Thankfully you no longer need to hob nob with late night talk show hosts to try the HTC Vive. It’s finally available for everyone.

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