Conan kicks off Comic-Con, Mad Max-style

In San Diego, Comic-Con is officially underway. The flagship meet-up for fandoms of all kinds can always be relied on to produce some awesome original material, and many shows and films wait until the event to debut trailers and sneak peeks. And although things are still getting going, we’re already getting some great vids.

For example, this killer clip of Conan’s ride to the event. Conan and Andy Richter decided to air their show live at Comic-Con this year, which meant they needed to take a cruise through the desert. Obviously. So naturally, the guys took the opportunity to imagine a Mad Max style road trip complete with war rigs, face paint, and a flame-throwing guitar. Because really, how else can you arrive at Comic-Con this year? Of course, they aren’t immune to the usual road-trip concerns, like taking a wrong turn and getting lost…

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