OMG! This chocolatier makes donut-infused chocolate bars and our mouths are watering uncontrollably

It’s no secret that we absolutely adore chocolate, so the moment we found out about Compartés Donuts & Coffee Milk Chocolate Bar in Los Angeles, a chocolatier that combines our two favorite desserts into delicious bars, we had feelings.


Desperate to know ALL about the scrumptious donut and coffee-related things they serve, we tracked down esteemed Chocolatier Jonathan Grahm to reveal his favorite bars and how he came up with the recipe for each.



“This was one of my first bars and I thought about how much we all love a hot crispy fresh donut and how can I make it possible that you can enjoy fresh donuts all the time! We take fresh donuts from some of LA’s best donut shops and literally just crumble them up into our signature milk chocolate and add a bit of diner coffee for that classic breakfast wake me up goodness flavor and taste. This literally has pieces of donuts in it so its got an amazing texture the donuts taste like you just walked out of the store and bought them since the chocolate preserves them in the bar.”



“This is a new bar for us that we are just launching for the Winter / Holiday season and I am super excited about it. In our store and online we sell our own homemade peanut butter by the jar that is heavenly — just 3 ingredients; peanuts honey and sea salt. For this bar we make our homemade peanut butter and literally just pour it into the chocolate and blend it together, then we freshly roast peanuts in sea salt and pour them into the batter as well for the bar. This gives it an all over peanut butter taste and an amazing salty sweet crunch that is to die for.”



“What we did here is take pretzels and break them up into lots of chunky pieces and mix them into our signature dark chocolate so its like every bite of this bar is a bite out of a chocolate covered pretzel. This also was one of my first designs which has now become iconic for Compartes, the palm tree pattern. I drew palm trees on this against a beautiful California Los Angeles sunset colored backdrop. Nothing screams LA or California like green palm trees and a pink colored sky!”



“Oreo cookies are another one of my favorite foods ever and I especially love dunking them in milk so I was trying to recreate that flavor of a milk soaked oreo in this bar. No sogginess of course, just the good ole taste of Oreos and milk or cream. In this bar I actually mix dark chocolate and some white chocolate together to get this beautiful color that literally looks like cookies and cream then we hand crush tons of oreos and throw them into the mix to create the bar. This is the only bar we have where we mix 2 different chocolates together and I really don’t think any other chocolatiers do anything like this, the combo of the dark and white creates a unique chocolate unlike any other, then coupled with all the bits and pieces of Oreos, its truly heavenly!”



“Since I make so many delicious indulgent bars I decided I needed to go full on healthy in a bar so this is the inspiration for our Vegan Kale chocolate bar. In this bar I use vegan dark chocolate that is a 73% cocoa content so super intense but its right on the border between bitter and sweet, just perfect actually. Then we buy Kale from the local farmers markets and make homemade kale crisp that we literally sprinkle all over the bar, adding some toasted salted pumpkin seeds and sesame seeds for crunch too. The kale and dark chocolate is actually an amazing and healthy combo.”