This company will deliver your birth control *and* special treats every month

Do you live far away from a pharmacy? Or do you just hate going to CVS every month? We feel you. Good news, The Pill Club is a birth control delivery service that will drop your pills (or patches or rings) on your doorstep every month — along with chocolate and other treats. Yes, monthly free chocolate and birth control delivered hassle-free. That’s happening.

The start-up makes ordering birth control super easy: Just go to the company’s website, enter your prescription and insurance information, take a quick survey, and you’re pretty much done. The Pill Club can even transfer your prescription from your current pharmacy to its database. And if you have a $0 copay (which you should if you have insurance, since birth control is free under the Affordable Care Act) you don’t even need to enter a credit card number. Win!

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