Best summer job ever? This company pays $55,000 a year to test nail polish

Yup, we may have found the coolest job on the planet.

“Are you bored at your current job?” asks a job posting for Nailbox, a British nail polish subscription service. “Would you rather be painting your nails?”

Yessiree, Nailbox is hiring an official “Nail Tester,” who will be responsible for reviewing 50 polishes and nail accessories a month from the comfort of their own home. And as if that isn’t already the sweetest deal ever, the starting salary is £35,000, or about $55,431.25, per year. To put that number in perspective: That’s over four times minimum wage.

Not only will this official nail tester be swimming in gorgeous polish samples, they also get to contribute ideas for what should be included in the Nailbox monthly boxes – so cool!

Perhaps the best part of this job, though, is that the company expects employees to keep their nails in tip-top shape. The job posting states, “It is also critical that the successful candidate is prepared to withdraw themselves from any physical labour or household chores which may damage their hands e.g. washing up and gardening.”

Sounds like the most legit reason to abstain from cleaning ever.

The only (and I do mean only) foreseeable problem with this incredible job is the fact that it is based in the United Kingdom. Which means, tragically, candidates are required to also be based in the United Kingdom.

Luckily, applications aren’t due until June 30, so I still have time to relocate. I always kind of felt like I belonged in England anyway …

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