This company is offering real money for rare Pokémon

Since its formal kickoff a week ago, Pokémon Go has become a lot of things: A cute way to reconnect with your Poké nostalgia; a reason to get outside more than you’re either used to, or as a means of self-care; a dangerous activity, if you aren’t careful; a waste of time and phone battery; a chance to take in the world around you in a new way. And now, Ripley’s Believe It or Not is taking Pokémon Go to a new place by offering one lucky player $5,000 for catching the rarest Pokémon at one of their locations.

The contest, filed under the hashtag #RipleysGo, began yesterday and will run through July 24, meaning there’s only a pretty short window of time to actually play. And with Ripley’s attractions generally scattered throughout cities, small town and suburb-dwellers are out of luck. (As are Canadians, who while eligible for the contest, still don’t have the game in their country yet.)

Pokémon captures will be ranked by using one of many crowd-sourced ranking charts, and in addition to the grand prize, Ripley’s will give out $100 a day to a random player. So far, the contest is racking up entries: false false false

Though some folks don’t quiiite get the rules: false

Now go catch em all, my fellow Poké players.