This company is creating a men’s only workspace, and we’re rolling our eyes *so* hard

We’re finally getting to the point in our society where we can have open, honest, and productive dialogues about sexism in the workplace. And like, TG for that. But this company decided to create a workspace just for men, and people aren’t thrilled for obvious reasons. Those reasons are mostly that, you know, women’s only and other safe spaces stem from the desire to work freely of things like oppression and sexual harassment in the workplace. JUNKEE spoke to founder Monaghan about why this Australian company just had to have a men’s only workspace, and we’re seriously rolling our eyes over here.

Literally the worst part about this? It stems from the idea that we have to keep men happy… so they don’t abuse their wives. HOW IS THIS REAL?!

“We’d been working in coffee shops and at home and it wasn’t that conducive to working. We both had a mate who ended up in a violent situation with his wife. He pushed his wife over.

Monaghan said,

“Depression and suicide result from a lack of social support and community. Having a space where they [men] can be men is more of a preventative measure. Healthy, happy men don’t hit their wives.

JUNKEE points out that this isn’t how relationship violence works, and that it feels an awful lot like making excuses for abusive men.

But, Monaghan says, it’s about more than just protecting wives from their husbands. It’s also about helping men with their identity issues, because, you know, they miss going to war together. Yep, this is real life.

“As guys in Australia we’re told to suck it up. When women are around we have trouble being vulnerable. We’re helping men who are professional. It’s a healthy environment for men."

He continued,

“I’m 25 and I’ve grown up in this culture where we don’t have any rites of passage. In other cultures you go out and hunt in a forest for three days. We just hit 15 and start drinking. There’s a real loss of identity for men. We used to go to war together. Girls do it better naturally, they have tea parties and stuff.

We couldn’t make this up (and, like, wouldn’t) if we tried. WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE, friends.

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