This company brewed Oreo beer for when dipping cookies in milk just doesn’t cut it

In the latest round of “so that’s a thing,” we introduce you to Veil Brewing Company’s Oreo beer. Hmm. Sounds like someone had a long, hard day and decided that dunking Oreo cookies in milk just wasn’t enough to take the edge off. Like, how else do you explain this junk food-inspired beverage that takes the innocence of a classic after-school snack and gives it happy hour appeal?

We’ve heard our fair share of amazing Oreo flavor hacks, but this beer represents next level dedication to the classic cookie. *bows respectfully to the creative minds at Veil Brewing Company*

Whenever someone develops such an eye-catching product, we ooh, ahh, raise a brow out of curiosity and then flood them with questions that need answers, so here goes.

How does Oreo beer taste?

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We’re assuming yummy, but we won’t actually know until we buy a case or three. According to Delish, Oreo beer is a mixture of “7% Hornswoggler chocolate milk” and “hundreds of pounds of Oreos.” Phew! Thank goodness for that answer because we were really concerned about the cookie-to-beer ratio.

Have the Oreo purists staged a revolt against this beer?

Who knows, but if they have, it didn’t stop the four-packs of Oreo beer from selling out in one day. For now, it’s only available at Veil Brewing Company’s taproom in Richmond, Virginia.

In the meantime, we’d also like to know whether the new Oreo-flavored beer is suitable for drinking in the shower (had to ask), and we’re also dying to know if this drink intends to snatch the crown from the current roster of pop culture-inspired beers.

That remains to be seen, but we’ll sit back and give it to some time to see if a major battle between unusual beer flavors unfolds.