All the best ways companies are celebrating Future Day

Today is Back to the Future Day, which means that fans of the trilogy are having an absolutely BLAST celebrating the movie and everything from it. Why this specific day, hmm? Well, in Back to the Future Part II, Marty McFly and Doc Brown travel 30 years into the future from 1985, and end up in 2015. October 21st, 2015, to be exact.

This has been a day 30 years in the making (or, 26, since technically Back to the Future Part II came out in 1989), so it’s given companies plenty of time to prepare. Many have pulled out all the stops to celebrate not only the movie, but the future, too. We’ve still got half a day left of Back to the Future Day, and here are the best tie-ins we’ve seen so far.


In Back to the Future, Marty rolls up to Lou’s Diner and order’s a “Pepsi Free.” Everyone freaks out. That’s because in 1955, there was no such thing as a “Pepsi Free” AKA a Pepsi with no caffeine. Going into the future, what will this new Pepsi be called? Pepsi Perfect, of course. Pepsi actually released a limited number of this soft drink in honor of the day.

USA Today

Shout out to USA Today to TOTALLY committing to Back to the Future. On newsstands tomorrow, they’ll release a “Hill Valley Edition,” which features events of the movie front and center. The big one? How a youth is jailed — aka, Marty Jr. — after getting into a fight with Biff.


When Marty arrives in 2015, he’s greeted by a giant holographic add for Jaws 19. It’s a funny joke, because let’s be honest, there are lots and lots of movie sequels out there, including two for Jaws as it is. So Jaws 19 isn’t so far off. Universal took this a step further, and actually released a trailer for this fake movie (that we’d actually totally see).


If your dream is to ride in a REAL delorean car with those awesome fliying-up doors, today might be your lucky day. If you’re in New York City and you call for a Lyft, be sure to choose the “McFly” mode and the car that stops to pick you up could be the vintage car itself. However, on the NYC streets it’s gotta stay well below 88mph.


There’s a brand new upgrade available for the Ford Fiesta and Focus. Instead of getting satellite radio, you can put a real, working flux capacitor on your dashboard! For this, you will need to go 88mph. Major bummer that in tiny print at the bottom of the add, Ford informs us that “this upgrade is not actually available.” But we can dream.


Know what doesn’t need roads to travel on? Airplanes. Lots of airplanes have been making jokes about “where we’re going we don’t need roads” (which is what Doc says at the end of the first movie). But JetBlue took it a step further and actually put in a time traveling console.


So, about those self tying shoes. Real, or not real? They might just be REAL, but who knows if they’ll be available for the public. Last night, the Nike Twitter sent a very cryptic tweet to Michale J. Fox saying, “see you tomorrow.” Supposedly, the first pair of self tying shoes is in New York City right now. But if we can get our hands on them still remains to be seen.


This lightbulb is probably just for decoration only, but WE WANT ALL OF THEM


The hoverboard needs to stop toying with my emotions and actually become a THING. Pouring salt into the wound of the hoverboard-less 2015, Universal released a fake commercial for the toy everyone wants. One day, hoverboard. One day.


Have you ever seen such a cute little Doc and Marty?? Maybe some day could we BUY these little people figures FP?

(Image via Universal.)