It’s not six seasons and a movie, but there was a “Community” reunion at the Golden Globes

Our lil’ Donald Glover is growing up so fast. One second, he’s cramming for his Into to Anthropology final exam, next thing you know he’s sailing around the world with LeVar Burton! And now, look at how far he’s come: Donald snagged not one but two Golden Globes at the 2017 event, and we’re so proud of him. But we’re nothing compared to how proud Yvette Nicole Brown is of our Troy Barnes.

While you might know Donald *best* from his new stellar show Atlanta, or his Childish Gambino music career, there are some who see Donald and immediately think of Troy (and Abed in the mooooorning). Long before he was creating, writing, starring, and winning trophies for Atlanta, Donald played the jock-with-a-big-heart on NBC’s Community for five seasons.

Even though we’ve managed to secure the prophesied sixth season of Community, we’re still a movie short. It might never happen, and that’s okay, as long as we continue to have lots of Community reunions, like the one that happened at the Globes. Yvette was stationed on the red carpet to talk TV and movies with all the big stars, one of them being Donald.

“This is my baby!” Yvette gushes. “I am so proud of you!”

The two go on to dish about the fact that they’re at the Golden Globes together, and it is so gosh darn cute. Yvette calls Donald “honey bunny,” and that sound you hear is our hearts melting.

And, since you can’t talk to Donald without talking about Lando Calrissian, yes, Star Wars is discussed (but no, Donald doesn’t mention anything other than the fact that he’s growing out his beard, because Lando).

We’re just so happy the rest of the world is embracing and loving Donald just as much as we do, and we’ll continue to watch his career with great interest. Yvette will be right there with us, too.

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