Another member of “Community” has joined the Marvel Cinematic Universe, because Greendale Forever

The foretold prophecy of “six seasons and a movie” has halfway come true so far. We have six seasons of Community; but we don’t have a movie yet. Maybe it will happen one day, and maybe it won’t. In the mean time, it appears as that the Marvel Cinematic Universe is scooping up all former Community stars, and HEY, WE’RE OK WITH THAT.

Six seasons and the Avengers? That’s fine.

The latest former student at Greendale wasn’t actually a student, but the MASTERMIND behind everything. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Community showrunner (for seasons 1-3 and 5 and 6, we don’t talk about Season 4) has just joined the writing team behind Doctor Strange.

And one time Harmon went to Comic-Con dressed as Iron Man, so foreshadowing?


Um, but isn’t Doctor Strange done with filming, wait what?” You ask, and yes, yes it is done. But that doesn’t mean a few more things can’t be tweaked between now and its November release date. Things like this happen all the time, and according to THR’s source, Harmon’s Doctor Strange stuff is just for a few additional scenes — a few additional scenes that will probably be ? because haven’t you always wanted Benedict Cumberbatch to toss around some Community-esque jokes?

So now let’s do a quick rundown of Greendale graduates: There’s Joe and Anthony Russo, long-time Community directors, who are now basically in charge of everything Avengers; Dany Pudi showed up in Winter Soldier; Jim Rash appeared in Civil War; Donald Glover is going to play Spider-Man SOMEONE in Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Okay, so that just leaves us Jeff, Britta, Annie, Pierce, and Shirley that need to find their way into the MCU. There are enough upcoming Marvel movies to go around.