Gillian Jacobs and Yvette Nicole Brown answer our burning “Community” questions — and yes, they’d be down to make a new episode *right now*

Six seasons and uhhh, where’s that movie?! Recently, HelloGiggles snagged an invite to a charity livestream benefitting Donors Choose at Skybound Entertainment in partnership with, hosted by the one and only Yvette Nicole Brown with a very special guest, Gillian Jacobs. Yes, we had a firsthand seat for a mini Community reunion, and it was glorious.

After spending an hour raising money and talking diversity in media, the two lovely ladies sat down with HelloGiggles to chat and of course, we asked plenty about Community…including whether or not we can expect that movie that we’re been dying for. The prophecy has to come true one way or another.

HelloGiggles: What’s your favorite joke from Community?

Gillian Jacobs: I think I love the joke where my character said something like “row boat cop?” and they go: “Yes Britta, row boat cop.” I’m mangling the joke now, but the “row boat cop” instead of “Robocop” joke from Community still makes me laugh.

Yvette Nicole Brown: [I] don’t know if it’s my favorite, but it’s one that I really like when Shirley does her first keg stand. I think it’s in the first season, and she does a keg stand and she says, “I can’t feel my legs.” I thought that was really funny when I read it.

HG: What moment from Community still makes you laugh to this day? 

YNB: Pretty much anything Danny [Pudi] and Donald [Glover] did as Troy and Abed can still get me. Like, anything. And it’s also, I think a lot of our funniest stuff is in outtakes. I don’t know if you’ve gone on YouTube and watched our gag reels, I think they put some of them on our DVDs in the first couple of seasons.

There’s something that Alison Brie does. [laughs] See, I’m laughing about it just thinking about it. I can’t remember the episode but I know it involved chloroform. And in the outtakes, Alison just starts chloroforming everybody. And she gets Donald first and the one thing about Donald Glover is that if it’s physical comedy, he’s all in. He leans in. So when she shakes up the chloroform and puts the rag over his face, and there’s nothing on the rag, Donald drops just like a pile of lead. He hits the ground. And then Alison just goes [on to everyone else] and it’s just hilarious. Any type of behind-the-scenes physical comedy, especially what those three did — Danny, Donald, or Alison — to this day I’m still dying over it.

GJ: Gosh, so many moments. And you know what’s funny? On set, we would quote the show to each other all the time. We would quote lines that got cut from episodes, so it wouldn’t even make sense to anyone who watched the show. We would just have this language on set that developed over the years of like inside jokes between us, things from the show, just stupid voices that we’d do. It was such a part of us that I think when we went on to other shows afterwards we had to make a conscious decision to stop quoting Community to people who weren’t involved in Community because we were like, ‘It’s going to be obnoxious.’ And also for guest stars who would come on the show. Like, we have to do them the courtesy of not just speaking in code basically all the time. We spent so much time together that it was just a constant stream of inside jokes.

HG: Will we ever get that long-promised Community movie?

GJ: I mean, there’s a possibility. A likelihood? I don’t know. I think we’re all down for it. But that would require a lot of other things that are out of my control happening. I don’t know if it will but I would certainly love to do it. It’s kinda sad to think that we’ll never play those characters again. You know, that makes me sort of sad to think about — I’d love to do another episode of Community right now. It would be wonderful if we had a chance.

HG: And television is different now. So if it were to come back in some form, the audience is different, the way they do TV is different.

GJ: Yeah! We were sort of like one foot in old TV, one foot in new TV where we had an audience that was very tech-savvy online but they weren’t recording those views as much. It was still pretty much the old school Neilsen system of ratings so I think people were watching the show but it wasn’t necessarily being recorded. So now, I think with these newer streaming platforms you would also get a much more accurate view of how many people were watching it. So yeah, it would be.