This community awesomely rallied together to help a homeless man and his dog

In October, Timothy Lucas was going through a really difficult time. He and his beloved dog, Moe, were living on the streets of Lafayette for two weeks, and winter was fast approaching. “I’m having a hard time finding work,” Timothy told Wish TV. “Because I have no where to put Moe during the day while I go to work, or even look for a job.”

The local homeless shelter was filled to capacity, and though they were doing everything they could for Moe and Timothy, it simply wasn’t enough. Timothy was afraid that, come winter, Moe would pass away. “He’s my therapy dog,” he told Wish TV. “He keeps me from being unstable and getting depressed.”

So he asked his community for a simple favor: While he tries to find them home, he wanted someone to take care of Moe. “As long as I know it’s just for awhile and he’s safe, and I can find my stability while he’s stable, then we’d be back together. That gives us hope,” he told Wish TV. “We just want to have the opportunity to stand on our own two feet. And once we do that, we can start giving back to the community, the way the community has helped us.”

After his plea for help, Timothy received much, much more than he was expecting. His case worker’s voicemail box was filled with hundreds of messages, and he received over a thousand emails, all flooded with offers from all over the world to help out Timothy and Moe. “I’m overwhelmed,” Timothy told WLFI. “The love and care was exhibited across the country around the world.”

He’s found a temporary home — not only for Moe, but for himself, too. A man who wishes to remain anonymous has a small apartment for the two of them to reside in until he gets back on his feet. But that’s not all: Moe has been given free vet services, courtesy of their local animal hospital, and multiple people have donated money to help get him back on his feet. Timothy has received job offers, too — though he hasn’t decided on one yet. “I’d really like to help other homeless people not just people with animals, but anyone who doesn’t have shelter,” he told WLFI.

All Timothy asked for was a home for his beloved dog. But because of his kindness — and the kindness of his town — he received so much more. “I was afraid that Moe wasn’t going to have a home this winter,” Timothy said. “And that’s what’s so amazing. Nobody knows me really, but they reached out anyway.”

Our hearts are so, so full right now. Though nobody knew Timothy and Moe, they saw a man and his best friend who needed help, and they all came together to lift them back up when they most needed it. What a beautiful world.