This common skincare product can have a terrifying side effect

While I’ve been studiously following a skincare regime for a few years now, like many other laypeople, I don’t actually *know* know that much about the stuff that’s supposedly good for my skin. One of those magical ingredients I keep hearing about is retinol, which is purported to combat wrinkles, acne, and dark spots.

But for those of you who use prescription strength retinol regularly, be careful: When used in combination with hot wax, retinol-treated skin can actually be ripped off.


One Refinery29 staffer shared her experience of having the skin around her eyebrows ripped raw, and a dermatologist confirmed that yup, even though this staffer hadn’t been using a prescription retinol medication wrong, the combination of hot wax and ripping on sensitive, medicated skin does indeed damage skin waaay more than just a regular rip of the wax.

According to the dermatologist, those of us with prescription skincare products don’t have to swear off these miracle skin products in order to get an eyebrow touch-up. (Or any other facial hair touch-up.) Simply stop using those prescription strength products for seven days before your waxing appointment. Honestly though, I wouldn’t even take the chance, but for those of you who go hard for your beauty routines, good luck and do try to play it safe.

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