These super common flowers could poison your beloved pets!

Summer is a really awesome time to get into gardening, if only for the fact that you can tell someone you went outside for SOMETHING between those Netflix binges. And if you live in a super hot and humid climate like me, this is a great factoid to have in your back pocket for when someone comments on your (lack of) tan.

But before you go planting whatever flowers your heart desires, consider your four-legged pals.

Aside from some obvious safety concerns (such as making sure your really animated pup can’t get near something with thorns, like a rose bush), there are actually some really common flowers that are totally toxic to animals.

According to this really neat PopSugar infographic, if you’re going to be planting in a place where your pet will roam, you’re going to want to avoid decorating that area with lilies, daffodils, amaryllis, oleanders, and tulips (noooo!). Sad but true.

Plants that are totally safe though? Daisies, orchids, bamboo, jasmine, and roses — all the really great-smelling ones. So at least that’s some good news.


Plants themselves aren’t the only thing in a garden that could potentially poison your pet, though! Keep in mind that fertilizers like cocoa bean mulch, bone & blood meals, and fish meal are huge no-nos. But if you go with manure, seaweed, or compost, you’re totally fine.

Happy planting and pet-loving!

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