This commercial just nailed it with its message about self acceptance

If you’ve ever drafted your future Oscar or Nobel Prize acceptance speech, this one is for you.

A Clean & Clear commercial that aired during Sunday’s MTV VMAs put a surprising, positive twist on the classic (or 10-minute, if you’re Kanye) acceptance speech, making it about self-esteem and loving yourself because of — not in spite of — the imperfections that make you you.

Instead of thanking their dogs for supporting them through rehab or their fans for sticking with them no matter how many bad tattoos they got, the seven girls featured in the commercial talk about the characteristics that make them unique, including a “big forehead,” glasses, pimples and being seen as “too smart.”

This is no Mean Girls-style body-shaming session, though — the girls go on to explain that they love the qualities that make them special, even if other people make fun of them or try to make them feel self-conscious about them.

“To become accepted by others, that’s really not important,” explains one of the featured stars. “It’s what you think of yourself.”

“The best acceptance speeches are the ones we give ourselves,” concludes the commercial.

In the middle of a show full of celebrity feuds and insane fashion choices, an ad encouraging girls to love themselves came as a breath of fresh air, especially when so many other commercials seem to be trying as hard as possible to make us see flaws everywhere.So far, the spot has been a big hit on social media, with many viewers jumping on the trend and sharing their own #SelfAcceptanceSpeech on Twitter and Instagram.

Accepting an award is easy; accepting yourself for who you are is a lot harder, but working on your #SelfAcceptanceSpeech isn’t a bad way to start.

(Image via YouTube.)

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