This commercial is a moving reminder that Mother’s Day isn’t easy for those who are grieving

For many of us, Mother’s Day is an opportunity to treat our moms to brunch and surprise them with thoughtful gifts — but for people who have lost their mothers, it’s one of the most painful days of the year. A new commercial is a moving reminder that Mother’s Day isn’t always easy — and it’ll undoubtedly strike a chord with those who have lost their moms, and are dreading the day when everyone else is out celebrating.

American Greetings’ Mother’s Day commercial “Tattoo” shows a young woman going to a tattoo parlor clutching a card from her late mother.

"Dearest Paloma," the card reads. "You are the sunshine of our lives. You've brought us love, joy and laughter."

She gets inked with the card’s close message: “Keep shining,” written in her mom’s exact handwriting. “I think she would have liked it,” Paloma tells the tattoo artist.

"A card is just a card. But in the right moment it means everything," the commercial concludes.

After the Love What Matters Facebook page shared the video, hundreds of people began sharing photos of tattoos dedicated to their late parents. In the comment section, users have exchanged messages of support and empathy.

The commercial has started a powerful conversation on Facebook and beyond. It reminds those of us whose moms are still here to never take them for granted — and hopefully the people whose have lost their parents will feel a little less alone on Sunday.

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