This commercial is hilariously accurate about working women

We’ve all seen them: Those ads that show how a professional woman gets through her day by happily waking up before her alarm goes off, casually doing yoga before work, eating a well-balanced farm-to-table breakfast in the comfort of her yoga clothes and writing in her journal before bed. Ah, the life of a working woman.

Except, we all know that’s not at all how real life goes. One company makes fun of the falsities of those ads in the best way. Organic Valley made a video that expertly depicts the truth about working women, and it’s brilliantly hilarious. Real women were asked to take a survey about their mornings, and the questions were as real as they get

As it turns out, women aren’t doing yoga in their underwear first thing in the morning.


They’re doing things like organizing the house so they don’t have to come home to a disaster.


And checking their work emails before they even get out of bed (we’ve all been there).


And using dry shampoo instead of wasting time taking a shower.


It’s all to prove that women need access to an easy-to-grab organic breakfast in a bottle — Organic Valley’s Organic Balance Protein Shake. It’s probably fair to say that some working women do in fact have time to make a complete breakfast, but an on-the-go shake is always good to have around just in case.

Check out the video:

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