This viral commercial about a Polish grandfather learning English is literally making us sob

There are many good things about this time of year, but one of the best is all the heartwarming holiday-themed entertainment! And Uproxx just let us know about a touching holiday commercial from Poland, and seriously, grab the tissues (SERIOUSLY).

The ad is about an elderly Polish man who lives alone, but who orders an “English for Beginners” book via Allegro (basically the Polish version of eBay).

He starts practicing his English on the bus, at home, in the shower…and especially the phrase: “I love you, you are perfect.” You’ll probably already be teary-eyed at this point, but, just wait…

It turns out he’s been spending months preparing for a trip to London to meet someone VERY special for the first time. HIS GRANDCHILD!

We love the subtlety of this story and how it effortlessly captures the wish-fulfilling spirit of Christmas. Not to mention how much emotion was successfully captured in just three minutes. Yeah, no surprise it’s been watched over 2 million times! People love love.

Happy Monday. Now give someone you love a big squeeze!