Your handy list of everything coming to Netflix in July

Summers are made for binging everything under the sun, so just like fresh lemonade, think you can squeeze in a few more things (see what I did there, guys?)? Netflix has released its list of titles coming to Instant Watch in July, so you’re going to need to carve out a few hours to fit in this newest batch. There are brand new movies and some brand new Netflix series to watch, and here are just a few you need to add to your queue. Everyone, this really might be the best summer yet!

Serena, July 9

Remember this Jennifer Lawrence/Bradley Cooper movie? It’s OK if you don’t — it was poorly reviewed by critics, aaaand sadly released straight to DVD. You probably haven’t seen it, but with a starring team of Lawrence and Cooper, can’t hurt checking it out, right? Serena tells the story of two newlyweds, timber farming, and murder.

Bad Hair Day, July 1

While current Disney Channel Original Movies will never live up to the high-standard set by Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century, Bad Hair Day at least tries. Plus, Laura Marano, from Disney Channel’s Austin & Ally, is actually really charming and delightful, and I wouldn’t be surprised if we start seeing her in blockbusters, soon. Feel free to watch this one, and call it a “guilty-pleasure.”

White Collar, Season 6, July 4

Oh HELLO, Matt Bomer! This is the end of his ankle-wearing, white collar criminal, Neal Caffrey. Time to see if he can pull of the greatest heist of all: disappearing out of sight.

Penguins of Madagascar: The Movie, July 15

Benedict Cumberbatch-voicing-a-wolf alert! If you love Madagascar, and you love those penguins from Madagascar, it’s a sure thing that you’ll love Penguins of Madagascar. Watch this, and then you can impress your little nieces and nephews talking about it.

Alive, July 1

If you’re looking for a real-life story of survival, it’s Alive. The movie tells the story of the Uruguayan rugby team who was involved in a plane crash in the 1970s. It details the aftermath of their crash, and what the group is willing to do to survive. It’s got some pretty heavy topics in it, but if you’re brave enough to handle those, you’ll also catch a young Ethan Hawke in it.

Changeling, July 16

The Clint Eastwood film set in the ’20s and stars Angelina Jolie is perfect for movie night. Jolie earned nominations for Best Actress at both the Oscars and Golden Globes for playing Christine Collins whose son disappears, and her fight to get him back.

BoJack Horseman, Season 2, July 17

There’s not one best thing about BoJack Horseman, because everything about it is great. This Netflix Original is back for a second season, which means a thousand more jokes, and so much more Mr. Peanutbutter.

Tig, July 17

Tig Notaro is an absolutely beautiful comedian who has hilariously detailed her fight against breast cancer. This comedy special, which was performed in 2012 at the Largo in Los Angeles, earned a “legendary” ranking from Louis C.K. who basically begged Notaro to let him release it to the masses. I think this special is required viewing for everyone.

Glee, Season 6, July 18

After a long and winding road through McKinley High School (and beyond) it’s time to say goodbye to Rachel, Mr. Schuster, and the rest of the Glee gang.

Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp, July 31

I don’t really want summer to pass by quickly. However, I really need it to be July 31st so I can watch all of WHAS:FDoC RIGHT NOW.

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