Were you at San Diego Comic-Con? Because there were crochet superheroes hiding all over the city

Comic-Con may be over for the year, but let us fill you in on an awesome secret so that you’re in the know for next year: If you look closely, you might just find a crocheted superhero lurking around the event. Blogger and crochet-artist extraordinaire Geeky Hooker has been making mini yarn creations for years, and likes to hide a few of her “creatures” at SDCC for unsuspecting and lucky visitors.

Five years ago, Geeky Hooker got her start making the minimalist designs. And as she writes on BoredPanda, it just kind of took off from there.

“Things got a little out of control, and it got to a point where if it was geeky and fun, I’d try to make it out of yarn,” she writes. “Captain America? Done! Chewbacca? Got it. Frida Kahlo, for no reason other than the fact that I REALLY wanted an excuse to put a tiny little unibrow on her? Done and done. Five years later, I’ve amassed a collection of little characters ranging in categories from comic book characters to sci-fi monsters to stuff in the all-encompassing ‘I just freaking felt like making it’ category.”

So what’s a gal to do when she ends up with a bunch of little geek-chic crocheted bobbles hanging around? Obviously take them to Comic-Con!

“I tag them with my contact info, and then I cross my fingers and hope that they’ll be given good homes. So far I’ve had a good turnout of adoptions, and hopefully they’ll eventually take over the world, one goofy little sack of yarn at a time!”

This year she had eight awesome creations to hide, including a White Walker, Baymax, and Groot!

She tweeted out hints as to their locations, so that fans could get down to the business of finding these treasures.

And before too long, she was getting word that her tiny dudes were finding homes!

If you didn’t find one this year, fear not! She’ll be back soon with more of these neat guys. And in the meantime, you can check out where her work lives at her website, where she has an awesome map!

But we’ll leave you with this, because it’s just too good and is giving me life on this Wednesday: A White Walker enjoying a Mocha Frappuccino.

(Images via Geeky Hooker)

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