Everything Bill Murray said at Comic-Con was pure Bill Murray

The first big surprise of Comic-Con was actually the first thing that happened: Bill Murray showed up.

The annual convention kicked off yesterday morning, and the first panel went to Open Road who has a brand new movie coming out, Rock the Kasbah. Bill Murray is in that movie, so he decided to pay Comic-Con a surprise visit, and it was so much of a surprise, even those who were in on the surprise (like, MTV News) didn’t realize it was happening. Murray was supposed to enter from backstage. Instead, he entered from the main hallway and walked right through the crowd of screaming fans.

He also took to the stage in character for Rock the Kasbah, where he plays a music manager who discovers a brand new singer in Afghanistan. Sounds like a crazy premise, but if anyone can pull it off, it’s Murray. (Did we mention, our own beloved Zooey Deschanel, is also in the movie? Yeah, it’s going to be amazing.)

And once he had full command of the crowd, what did Murray do? Say incredibly Bill Murray things, of course.

When asked about where he falls on the Comic Con spectrum, he replied, “Some of the best parties I’ve ever been to have been with really insane nerds,” mentioning one that happened at Skywalker Ranch, aka, where all of Star Wars is housed. Murray then said that he’s “working out now” because he wants to play young Han Solo.

That’s not all he said. He also imparted wisdom, mentioning that young performers can “get away with a lot more if you don’t want a writing credit,” and then gushed about Miley Cyrus.

“I’m gonna say this officially. Miley Cyrus is a god. I was not particularly convinced, but Miley is really good. She can really sing.” (Cyrus appears in Murray’s upcoming Netflix Christmas special, because it was about time Murray got his own Netflix Christmas special.)

Then, he gushed about Zooey saying, “She’s go to sing the pitches and the keys and notes of 14 of the greatest singers in America… her karaoke work would live forever.”

Still need more? He told the crowd that he started the morning with “bagels and then some tequila” and mentioned that his favorite role was one where he had to “save the city of New York,” where he had “the coolest damn car to drive around Manhattan.” He’s talking, of course, about Ghostbusters.

Basically, the one picture to sum up his entire panel was captured through the facial expressions of our Internet best friend, Jennifer Lawrence, who met him as the Open Road panel switched over to Hunger Games.

Before leaving the stage, Murray also told the crowd that he could “do this [panel] forever” so see you back same time, same place next year?

If you want to watch the entire panel, YOU CAN,  and bask in all the Murray glory. It’ll almost be like you were there, too.

(Image via YouTube)


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