The trailer for this comedy about Uber drivers looks nuts

As digital entertainment becomes more and more prevalent, there are more and more platforms to choose from to find good content. The up and down side of that is the content is getting weirder and weirder — and we’d definitely apply that to the upcoming go90 and Complex series Drive Share, based on the trailer. The comedy series is from the comedy genius of Paul Scheer of Fresh of the Boat and Rob Huebel of Transparent, so we have highhhhh hopes for this series because we love those shows, and can def rely on this team for some laughs.

The show will address the one space that we all know intimately but have yet to see on television — Uber rides. As we all know, Uber rides range from totally uneventful to the weirdest experience of your life, so this seems like a pretty solid mine for comedy.

The actors guest starring in this new show include Adam Pally, aka Max Blum from Happy Endings; Andrew Daly, aka Dick Pepperfield from Semi-Pro; and it looooks like we spot Jack McBrayer, aka Kenneth from 30 Rock in the back seat as well…


We’re also digging these Mad Max lookin’ dudes who seem to be coming or going to Wasteland Weekend, shiny and chrome. WITNESS THEM.


We’re not entiiiiirely sure what world this is taking place in since there seem to be a few fictional characters hitching rides (although, y’know, the answer might just be Los Angeles, and that’s legitimate) but we’re definitely looking forward to laughing at their escapades when the show premieres on January 30th on!

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