Comedian Grace Helbig just gave us all some brilliant life advice

Grace Helbig is one successful lady. She’s got millions of people watching her YouTube channel, wrote a NY Times bestselling book, and is currently hosting her own show on E! And what does she credit her success to? Failure!

As The Huffington Post reports, this past week, Helbig gave a commencement speech at her alma mater Ramapo College in New Jersey, and in that speech she explains the lightbulb moment that helped her quit her dead-end office job and get going on the path to becoming a professional comedian:

“Quite honestly I think it is way more terrifying to be boring than to be a failure,” she told the crowd. “Failures are what make you interesting, and they’re what give you perspective and they’re what get you millions of views on YouTube.”

Then she dropped some major life wisdom on our brains and encouraged us all to “Follow our fear.” For Helbig, that meant diving headfirst into the world of comedy.

“When you’re uncomfortable, that’s when things get really interesting,” she explained. “The more I kept doing improv and the more I kept following my fear, the more I realized that being uncomfortable is truly being alive…the only thing you can do in this life is pursue your passions, celebrate your bloopers and never stop following your fear.”

Check out the complete speech below!

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