Comedian Anjelah Johnson Is Really Good At Friendship and Other Things

Friends are important. Good friends are essential. We all strive to have at least one friend who supports us in everything we do, even if what we’re doing is not what they think we should be doing (in which case, they’re probably right). We want someone to always be on our team. Someone who believes in us more than we believe in ourselves. I’m lucky to have that friend, and her name is Anjelah Johnson. You may know her as Bon Qui Qui or That Girl Who Did The Nail Salon Video On YouTube. I also know her as those things, but it would be weird if I didn’t, because we’re besties. And besties know things about each other.

It would be too boring if I told you all the reasons why Anjelah is a good friend (like the time she changed her tour schedule to fly to Indiana to support me when my mom died, or every week when she calls just to tell me how much she believes in me, or when she gives me all of her old clothes even when I don’t want them, or the time we shared a twin size bed for a week so I wouldn’t have to sleep on the couch with her brother, who’s great, but couches are not that great). Instead, I’m going to fill you in on what Anjelah’s been up to since her YouTube videos came out, because that’s way more fun. And because she’s really talented and has been doing some great things that are worth knowing about. If I wasn’t friends with her, I’d want to know about her, and you and I are probably pretty similar.

Anjelah has been headlining her own comedy tour since 2008. She’s hilarious, so it only makes sense that she’s been selling out comedy clubs and theaters nationwide (and occassionally international-wide). Sometimes she does eight shows in one weekend. EIGHT SHOWS! Most of us don’t do eight of anything in one weekend, except maybe naps. We might do eight naps. She’s also been in some critically acclaimed films, such as “Enough Said”, which is nominated for an Oscar this year, and “Alvin And The Chipmunks: The Squeakquel”, which was not critically acclaimed or nominated for an Oscar, but should have been, according to most four year olds.

Anjelah got married in 2011 to Manwell Reyes, a super hunky successful musician with his own band called “Group 1 Crew”. Together they created a clothing line, MSM Clothing, where they sell t-shirts for married folks. You can still buy them if you aren’t married, but wearing a shirt that says “My husband is rad” or “My wife is fly” might prevent you from getting one, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Bon Qui Qui has also been busy. She released some rap songs and music videos and is set to release a full studio album with Atlantic Records. Not Anjelah… Bon Qui Qui. Which is weird, because Anjelah created Bon Qui Qui, but Bon Qui Qui is taking all the credit. Typical Bon Qui Qui.

Aside from being ridiculously busy with her career, Anjelah has at least seventy five God kids, God dogs and besties (okay maybe more like ten of each, but still a lot for one gal). I’m going to speak for all of them (specifically the dogs since they can’t talk) and say that Anjelah is one of the most giving, caring, humble and level headed people we know. She’s everyone’s life coach and everyone’s biggest cheerleader (she used to be cheerleader for the Raiders, so she’s had a lot of practice). Without Anj, life would be a lot less funny, a lot less genuine, and a tiny bit less Mexican.

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