We can’t tell if Colton Haynes’ Marge Simpson Halloween costume is horrifying or hilarious

Vanessa Hudgens may be the reigning queen of Halloween, but actor Colton Haynes is surely the King of the spooky season. You know Haynes from American Horror Story and Teen Wolf and also from his Halloween enthusiasm. Every year Haynes goes all out with an elaborate Halloween costume. This year, he went as Marge Simpson complete with prosthetic breasts, lips, and eyeballs. Yes, eyeballs.

Is Haynes’ costume extra in the best way or like, a Halloween nightmare?

Then again, it IS Halloween, we’re supposed to be scared, right?



It looks like most of his face is a prosthetic — that’s some serious commitment to Halloween.


Haynes’ makeup artist Erik Porn said that the whole process took four hours and that they didn’t do a test run on the costume.

“Sadly, there is never time to do a test on these, we both have crazy schedules. What happens on Halloween is the test. This year his eyes were the challenge, he couldn’t see much. I think he cut the eyes open more after he left,” the artist revealed to TooFab.

We wonder what Marge would think if she could see it?

It’s definitely ~sexy~ Marge Simpson, that’s for damn sure.

This follows in Haynes’ tradition of elaborate Halloween costumes.

Last year he teamed up with the same makeup artist and prosthetic geniuses for this Miss Piggy ~lewk~.


In 2014 he was Princess Fiona from Shrek.


And we’re over here thinking that cat ears and a black dress are a worthy Halloween costume. SMH.