Colton Haynes wins Halloween as the ultimate Disney villain

Leave it to Colton Haynes to upstage all of us on Halloween…again. After dominating last year’s costume game by going as Fiona from Shrek, Haynes has outdone himself this year by going as the most formidable Little Mermaid character, Ursula.

He looks 100% unrecognizable. If you saw him on the street you would actually think Ursula had come up from the sea to party with us. Instead, we got the next best thing:

I mean, that’s dedication. All the make-up and prosthetics and time that went into the costume were definitely worth it since, according to Instagram, he and his friends had a blast.

This is legitimately impressive and hilarious. I know we’re all asking the same question: how did this costume come together? Haynes gave us a sneak peak into that as well, posting a video on Instagram that shows him removing the get-up in a way that looks both satisfying and a little painful:

I don’t know how he’ll manage to top this costume next year, but if recent years are any indication, he’ll definitely find a way.

(Images via Instagram)

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