Colton Haynes’ Halloween costume is definitely the most outrageous one we’ve seen yet

If Heidi Klum is considered the queen of Halloween, then Colton Haynes is definitely the king. Haynes goes all in every Halloween, and 2016 was no different. The former Arrow actor pulled out all the stops – and we mean all – for his incredible look. Colton Haynes’ Halloween costume this year was truly epic.

Haynes, a ridiculously attractive man in his day-to-day life, clearly takes great joy in his ability to make himself virtually unrecognizable with truly amazing transformations, complete with make-up, costuming, and even prosthetics.

Haynes dressed up as a terrifying realistic – and super sexual – Miss Piggy from the Muppets for this year’s Halloween escapades. And he totally nailed it.

We’re seriously in awe. This is by far one of the most dedicated Halloween looks we’ve seen this year.

As Haynes explains in his caption, this look was a team effort. The neck and ~ample bosom~ prosthetics were by RBFX Studios, a professional prosthetics and specialty costuming company. The hilariously on point Miss Piggy face sculpt was done by LA-based makeup FX artist Erik Porn, while the face mold was done by Dalton Kutsch and the face foam prosthetic was from Mark Viniello.

Here’s Colton, midway through the transformation process, courtesy of Erik Porn’s Instagram.

The detail here is UNREAL. That “Kermit’s Bitch” tattoo? Classic.

Colton didn’t just stop at intense prosthetics. He went all out with a perfectly Piggy-ish outfit as well. Here’s the actor’s Miss Piggy get-up, head to toe.

Those platform shoes look like an adventure in and of themselves.

And how can you be Miss Piggy without a Kermit of your very own? Haynes’ friend, actress Ally Maki, took on “Kermie” duties this year.

It’s no surprise that Haynes came up with such an amazing costume this year. He kills it year after year. We didn’t even think it was possible that any Halloween look could ever top last year’s Ursula the Sea Witch from The Little Mermaid, or Fiona from Shrek the year before that, but we’ve happily been proven wrong.

Halloweekend 2016 has barely even ended, and we already can’t wait to see what incredible costume Colton will be rocking this time next year!