ColourPop shared more sneak peeks of their upcoming secret product that is launching tomorrow

The gentle breezes of spring are ushering forth a bounty of new makeup products just in time for our newly unleashed warm weather wardrobes! One of our favorite purveyors of beautiful and timely new releases, ColourPop, are teasing us with a top secret product, and it looks like tomorrow might be the big day we find out what it actually is!

Speculation has been running rampant since we got a little look at a photo shoot earlier this week for the mysterious new makeup. Theories have been flying around that run the gamut from very possible to absolutely ridiculous! At least now we know that on April 13th at 10 a.m. we will know what it is and be able to purchase it all in the same day!

Any ideas on what this could be based on the packaging?

There are two shades to pick from: Candy Floss and Brain Freeze, both of which are very appropriate for a summer spent on the boardwalk, don’t you think?


Our first thought with those names and that packaging was some kind of gloss or lip toppers!


But really it could be anything. How exciting and out-of-left-field would it be if they were eye gloss or liquid eyeshadows? That’d be so cool! What are the chances, do you think?


They could also be a liquid highlighter of some kind, though that is slightly less likely.

As you can imagine, the internet is flooded with theories and speculation over what it could be.



Whatever it is, we’re pumped to know it’s headed our way tomorrow! That’s a pretty quick turn around for finding out about a mystery product, even for ColourPop! Keep your eyes peeled and have that wallet out, because we have a feeling there will be an internet stampede once we know what they’ve cooked up!

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