ColourPop is blessing us with an affordable brow collection, and you’ll never have bad brows again

Just when you thought there was nothing else ColourPop could do to endear itself into our hearts, they go and bless us with an affordable brow collection called Colourpop Boss Brows — what a time to be alive. As if the announcement that ColourPop will soon be available at Sephora stores isn’t mind-blowing enough, the quick expansion of its makeup line has us swooning. It feels like not a week goes by without us hearing about a new product being rolled out.

The ColourPop Boss Brow collection will be available on August 24th at 10 a.m., PST.

The ColourPop Boss Brow collection includes four pencils and a clear gel.

The Brow Boss Pencils will be available for $5, each and they’ll come in four different shades. You’ll be able to create a natural look or bold looks with these depending on what suits your fancy. The Brow Boss Gel will be available for $6 and will hold each and every one of your brow hairs in place.

The finish of the pencils looks incredibly soft, almost like it wears like a powder.

Just a few days until we can make these lovely new additions to the ColourPop range our very own. You can never have too many brow products — they’re one of the most important features of the face and attention must be paid.

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