ColourPop is launching a crystal-inspired collection that also features their first-ever setting spray

Get ready to get your hippie on, because one of our favorite brands, ColourPop, is coming out with a crystal-themed collection full of absolutely gorgeous, brand new products and categories. The Crushed Crystal Collection is a limited-edition and limited-quantity line, so you’re going to have to act fast if you’re a total crystal beauty devotee. They are also releasing their first-ever setting sprays! The line includes two setting sprays and two priming sprays.

Stones and crystals are incredibly trendy right now, and whether you believe in their healing powers or not, we can all agree that they’re gorgeous and that they’re incredibly aesthetically pleasing. We can’t think of a better source of inspiration for some gorgeous cosmetics.

The ColourPop Crushed Crystal Collection will be available on June 28th.

We are seriously living for this.

When coming up with the inspiration for the line, they focused on four crystals: Aventurine, a crystal known for good vibes, positive energy, and inspiring prosperity and success. Aquamarine, the crystal of choice for those who are calm, cool, and collected — the set was inspired by the ocean. Amethyst, which is all about enhancing your inner intuition, wisdom, and strength. The last crystal is Rose Quartz, and it’s focused on love for friends, family, and most importantly, for the self.


1Aventurine Crystal Setting Spray


This spray smells like cucumber and can be applied over your makeup to refresh and set your look. The best part is, of course, the $6 price tag.

2Aventurine Crystal Liquid Highlighter


This highlighter has Aventurine crystals inside the formula, and this creamy gold highlighter can be mixed into foundation or lotion, or worn alone.

3Aventurine Crystal Lip Balm


This lip balm works great alone but also looks incredible as a lip topper.


1Aquamarine Crystal Setting Spray

2Aquamarine Crystal Liquid Highlighter

3Aquamarine Crystal Lip Balm


Blue with a purple flip.


Amethyst Crystal Priming Spray


This is the first of the priming sprays and is worn under your makeup.

Amethyst Crystal Liquid Highlighter


This liquid highlight is full of beautiful pink and purple flecks.

Amethyst Crystal Lip Balm


Rose Quartz

1Rose Quartz Crystal Priming Spray


This priming spray has a grapefruit scent.

2Rose Quartz Crystal Liquid Highlighter


This shade is a super wearable and gorgeous color.

3Rose Quartz Lip Balm


This rose gold, coppery shade is very layer-able and looks great on everyone.

Check out the YouTube video in its entirety, here:

Could they be any cuter?

The packaging is minimal and so lovely, this collection would look stunning as an addition to your vanity. And knowing the quality and affordability of ColourPop’s products, you know these are going to be great. No doubt they will FLY off the shelves, so have those typing fingers ready come June 28th.

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