Colourpop has teamed up with KathleenLights for another magical zodiac-themed collab

Last summer, Colourpop collaborated with beauty vlogger Kathleen Lights on an astrology-themed eyeshadow palette that, unsurprisingly, was very, very well-received. And so the brand has teamed up with her once again, this time to release zodiac-themed loose pigments, just in time for Kathleen’s birthday.

All of the pigments include glitter, but some are glitter-based, while others have just a sprinkling in the formula. Each one is named after its corresponding zodiac sign, with names like The Crab (Cancer), The Twins (Gemini), The Bull (Taurus), and The Ram (Aries). The shades range from bright neons to holographic glitters to deep, dramatic shades. The pigments are sure to please zodiac fiends and makeup lovers alike.

The formula has also been given a makeover, promising long wear and more opacity, according to an Instagram post from the brand.

We love how wearable the red shade (The Ram) looks with a matching red lip.

The Colourpop x KathleenLights Zodiac Loose Pigments retail for only $6 each, or $70 for the entire set.

The collection officially launches on Thursday, January 31st on Happy shopping!

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