ColourPop is celebrating its followers by releasing a grab bag full of free makeup goodies

Few beauty brands are as generous and good to their fans as the dear folks at ColourPop — they’re always coming out with dazzling products, deals, and special offers that fill our hearts with joy. In celebration of hitting 5 million Instagram followers, ColourPop is releasing a limited-edition free grab bag with some truly delightful goodies.

If you head on over to ColourPop and drop some cash, you’ll be able to get up to five highly-coveted products for free! That’s a lot of new makeup, darlings. Who doesn’t love that?

Starting today, ColourPop will release the grab bag products with any purchases made.

Who doesn’t want to get their hands on all these beautiful makeup products?

You’ll have a chance to get the Fab Five Lippie Stix, the Nine to Five Ultra Glossy, the Take Five Ultra Matte, the High Five Super Shock Highlighter, and the Party of Five Super Shock Highlighter.

Here’s how it works: If you spend $10 you get one new item; spend $25 and get two; spend $40 and get 3; spend $55 and get 4; spend $70 and get all five items.

So not only will you get all your delightful new ColourPop makeup purchases, but you’ll get plenty of grab bag extras.

What will you fill your cart up with? One thing’s for sure, your fall makeup lineup will definitely be complete after that.

Might as well head on over to ColourPop’s website now and start getting your fave products.

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