ColourPop dropped a new pressed eyeshadow shade after hitting 1 million followers on Facebook

Can you imagine being popular or famous enough to merit 1 million online followers? It sounds overwhelming and mildly terrifying, but if you’re a cosmetic company and not a singular person, it’s exactly the type of milestone you’re working towards. So in celebration, ColourPop is dropping a new eyeshadow in honor of reaching their millionth follower on Facebook.

The newest eyeshadow from ColourPop is appropriately named Milli, and it’s a shimmery golden eyeshadow that visually encapsulates the feeling of being loved by millions of devoted strangers.

Apparently, the Milli shade is a personal favorite of the ColourPop founder Laura, who we imagine has the most lavish collection of eyeshadows in the land.

We would definitely tune into an MTV Cribs episode of the ColourPop founder’s makeup collection!

Alongside the celebratory release of Milli, ColourPop will also be releasing a few new pressed eyeshadows in honor of the million follower mark.

Will those also channel the golden glory of Milli?

You can shop the new pressed shadow on ColourPop’s website, and see what other goodies strike your fancy!

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