ColourPop’s Coachella pop-up featured custom highlighters packaged in the Internet’s favorite pink

There are two types of makeup lovers: the ones who get butterflies over packaging and those who care only about the product. We are definitely the first type. ColourPop Cosmetics keeps prices low with simple white and clear packaging for most of their products. During Coachella, however, the brand used limited edition baby pink packaging for their custom highlighter bar in place of their signature white color. We are very much in love! We shamelessly stocked up on everything in the ColourPop Pink Collection, and now we need these.

We are all about Millennial Pink everything! Festival goers could visit the ColourPop booth and make their own highlighter. Sure, we are up to our cheeks in highlighter palettes, but a custom one sounds like a dream! We really hope the same booth is set up for Coachella weekend 2.

How gorgeous are all of those jars of shimmer?

Coachella attendees could choose multiple shades, making beautiful marbled highlighters in the cute pink packaging.

To echo Trendmood, can we totally make this happen? We need it all! The beauty account is asking followers to comment about the baby pink packaging as a sort of petition to ColourPop, and we are all in! Social media is a blessing sometimes.

We hope ColourPop Cosmetics decides to make this cute baby pink Coachella packaging available online because we would totally stock up!

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