The most popular vibrant hair trend finally has a name: Colorombré

You’ve seen them before: People whose hair is mostly natural, but somewhere along the way, it slides into ombré, and no, we’re not talking about black-to-brown or brown-to-blonde or anything involving hair colors found in nature. No, this person’s hair slides from black/blonde/red/brown to electric green, silvery grays and purples, deep blues. These low-bleach, low-maintenance combinations been around since dyed hair first became a Thing, but now we finally have a name for that kind of hair gradation: colorombré.

As Seventeen defines it, “It’s a 2015 upgrade to last year’s ombré , but with bold hair color over the blonde tips. Keep your roots natural, and as it grows out, it looks just as cool. Plus, you’ll rarely need to touch it up. Super easy!” Sure, there are still bleaches and dyes with potion names involved, but instead of having to touch up your roots and your colors, you’re just dealing with the much more manageable latter.

But easy doesn’t really function into hair dye styles, since clearly people are willing to put up with the difficulty of keeping candy-colored hair up. The real draw of colorombré is really that it’s just absolutely stunning, and full of interesting and unique combinations.

There’s this subtle take, which mimics the shimmering lilac of amethysts:

One popular combo is, depending on the undertones of your natural hair, brown to pink, which comes together quite nicely:

Have short hair? You can join in colorombré too:

Seriously, the possibilities for this style are endless and perfect both for the hair color expert and the novice alike. Check out #colorombre for more ideas — now go forth and color!

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