These are most inspiring, colorful kisses we’ve ever seen

As it turns out, love isn’t black and white. Love comes in all different shapes, sizes, genders and colors — a message has been made exceptionally clear in a new marketing campaign created by Zim Colored Powder. For their “Love is Colorful” campaign, the powder company photographed three different couples — a gay couple, a lesbian couple and a heterosexual couple — completely covered in powder and fully immersed in a colorful lip-lock.

Zim Colored Powder was created to be played with. Its purpose is to allow its users (anyone who loves fun) to create color on real-life things (like people who are kissing). It’s non-toxic, won’t irritate your skin, and probably won’t kill you or make you sick if you ingest it (although, you should probably avoid snacking on it, just in case). It also doesn’t stain clothes — which means that no clothes were harmed in the making of these incredible photos.

The thought-provoking campaign was created in collaboration with Tuppi, an ad agency based in Brazil. More and more marketing campaigns are featuring LGBT people, which is a huge indication that companies are finally embracing the LGBT community and their relevancy as consumers and as humans. The message of diversity in love is so positive and inspiring — we’re absolutely in love with all of it. The take-away message from the campaign might be different for everyone, but for us, the colorfulness of the embraces symbolizes the happiness and individuality of all couples — regardless of where they come from, the color of their skin or their gender. Being in love is fun and, if it’s done right, it makes life brighter.

Ready to see the colorful, inspiring kisses?

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