These rainbow colored (and real) Christmas trees are a thing and we want one ASAP

Nothing says the holidays like festive decorations, and we’re SO in love with one of the most popular trends this season — colored Christmas trees!

Unlike some of the synthetic colored trees in stores, Christmas tree farms around the country are selling real pine trees that have been dyed in different colors, from red to gold and everything in between.

Customers can even request the colors they want at certain tree farms. You can get your tree dyed in your favorite football team’s colors, if that’s your thing!

According to Good Housekeeping, Jack Keilman Trees in Pennsylvania uses a special process to dye their trees brilliant shades of red, blue, or purple. Not only is it gorgeous, it preserves the pine needles so that your Christmas tree lasts into January.

You should grab one ASAP if you’re interested, since the dying only works properly when the temperatures are 40 degrees or above.

Plus, the idea is gaining so much popularity that they’re selling out in some locations!

There are other methods of producing these colorful creations as well. Wyckoff’s in New Jersey uses a latex-based paint on their trees, and the paint is fire-proof!

We also found some at Big Wave Dave’s christmas tree lot:

Um, we’re totally adding these trees to our holiday wish lists immediately!