This simple decor idea will completely transform your home

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Attention: Everyone in the midst of a home remodel. But really, attention: Everyone who wishes they had a home to remodel and has obsessive decor fantasies that play out on meticulous Pinterest boards. We came across this image recently and found it totally inspiring — how awesome does non-white grout look with tile?

Granted, this would probably require you to be in the process of re-doing a bathroom or kitchen, but we were totally taken with the idea of contrasting tile with brightly colored surroundings.

If you’re laying tile yourself, it’s apparently not so difficult to create a grout in the hue of your choosing.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, you start with a light colored grout, and add acrylic paint to the mix until you reach your desired shade.

We’d probably leave the work to the professionals once we’re in our dream houses, but the choice is yours! Now, by all means, day dream about the amazing color combinations that you’ll make in your beautiful bathrooms-to-be.