“Color melting” is the new hair trend that will take over fall 2017

Highlights have come a long way since the days of yore, when chunky zebra stripes were in. Since then, we’ve seen the hair fad undergo many iterations — balayage, ombre, and even dip-dye. Now, we have a new way to add some color and dimension to our hair, thanks to color melting, which may be the chicest version of highlights we’ve seen.

Color melting is like a balayage with a twist. Instead of using two colors, the colorist will add more to make it so the hair dye seamlessly blends together.

Color melting gives hair a more cohesive look in terms of color. Hair can go from brunette to blonde without looking stark,  and instead appears blended and picturesque. In an interview with PopSugar, Chad Kenyon — the colorist behind Ashley Tisdale’s hair melt — says,

"What I'll usually do is a balayage of the whole head, and then I'll go in and choose a tone between the root color and the balayage to marry the two. It doesn't look as stark. It also adds depth and makes you look fresher, younger."

If you’ve felt inspired to go lighter during the warmer months, yet also want something that will last through autumn, you’re not alone. Chad says most of his clients go lighter during summer, but want something softer than balayage for fall, which is when color melts become the perfect option.

We have a feeling this is shaping up to be the next ombre, and we get it. With its versatility and beautiful results, this is a hair trend we won’t mind seeing over and over.

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