This DIY unicorn mug magically changes colors when you add coffee

Getting out of bed can be very challenging, especially on a weekday. Luckily for us, coffee exists. Picking out one of my favorite mugs in the morning while my coffee brews is one of the first routines of my day. Coffee mugs can display our personality and feel personalized, which is probably why specialized DIY coffee mugs are all the rage. And obviously this DIY color-changing Unicorn Mug is a coffee mug must-have.

Customizing a coffee mug is easy, but having it change color is next-level. Order color-changing gel nail polish online and use them to paint a beautiful unicorn mane on your cup. All you need then is a UV light to set the paint and let it dry. Every time you make yourself a cup of hot coffee, or warm tea, the heat will activate it’s magical powers and change the color of your unicorn’s mane. See the video below for further instructions.

Color-changing Unicorn Mug

Oil-based permanent paint pens (black and gold)
Rubbing alcohol
Heat-activated color-changing gel nail polish
UV flashlight

1. Draw your design on the mug with the oil based paint pens. Use rubbing alcohol for any mistakes. Let the mug fully dry for 48 hours.
2. Place the mug into a cold oven. Set the oven to 450 F. Allow the mug to bake for 1 hour and cool completely inside the oven.
3. Paint the unicorn hair with the color changing nail polish. Smooth, continuous strokes work best, and it’s ok if the colors blend together.
4. Cure the nail polish by holding the UV flashlight over it for at least 1 minute.
5. Hand washing the mug is recommended.