Color block hair just upped the rainbow hair game

What’s that, you wanted yet another inventive way to dye your hair a multitude of colors? Perhaps you’re looking for something a little more regimented, less chaotic, than hair trends of yore, but don’t want to sacrifice the head-turning effect of having a cascade of colors trailing off your scalp? Well, let us introduce you to: Color block hair.

Color blocking is generally known as a fashion principle that gained steam around 2006-ish and, though most fashion trends cycle through, keeps chugging along. It consists of—who would’ve guessed—mixing and matching single color items of clothing so as to keep things colorful without the potential discordance of, say, a wild print. As applied to hair, color blocking does much of the same thing: Wide bands of different colors bring the multicolor look into a new level of cohesion, without sacrificing the inherent playfulness of having a slew of colors on your head.

Our friends at Pravana employed stylist Daniel Moon (who’s worked with folks like Grimes and Ariel Pink) to test out their new dye line VIVIDS Locked-In by putting their no-stray colors to use in color block hair. The new dyes, out in July 2015, are formulated so they won’t bleed outside of their initial application, making them perfect for the kind of precision color blocking needs. The process looks intense and almost cartoonish — but even in the in progress form, the model’s hair looks ridiculously good. (And kind of reminds me of Bubble Tape?!)

As for the finished product? Well, the results are unreal:

This looks nothing short of amazing. Of course, it helps to have a stylist as steady as Moon working on your head, but beyond the amazing pop and saturation of the VIVIDS shades, there’s also the fact that there’s absolutely no blending between shades, which is just about unheard of.

Watch along as Moon and the Pravana team bring color block hair to life on their lucky (and remarkably stoic) model. We can’t get enough of colorful hair — and if you think you’ve spotted the next hair trend, let us know!

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(Images via Pravana.)