This college student texted a guy just so she could get notes from class — and ended up in a gross situation we can all relate to

A college student in Texas just wanted review notes when she texted a male classmate, but things quickly turned awkward — and girl, we definitely relate.

Savannah Gibson, an 18-year-old student in College Station, said she had spoken to the classmate a few times before deciding to exchange numbers so they could help each other out with classwork.

After texting him to ask if he could send the “PDF for review,” the classmate immediately asked her how old she was. When she told him she was 18, things got weird.

The male classmate, who is 21, seemed to think their age difference was too big to be texting (???), which made it clear it wasn’t class notes he was interested in exchanging.

“At first I thought he was kidding and I laughed, then when I realized he was serious I was super confused and thought it was Twitter-worthy, Gibson told Buzzfeed News.

She was right: Her tweet with the screenshots from their text has been retweeted more than 85,000 times.

Twitter users seemed to agree that Gibson’s experience is relatable AF — and the offending guy had something to say about it.

But she shut him down real quick.

Good luck on your final, girl. Hope you found class notes one way or another!

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