This College of Wizardry is the closest thing yet to a real-life Hogwarts

Remember reading Harry Potter for the first time and thinking, “When will my Hogwarts letter come?” I think it’s something every child or teen has wished at some point in their lives. Imagine getting whisked away from homework and chores to find out you’re a witch or wizard. You’d get to go to the coolest boarding school ever, have a pet owl and do WIZARD homework and WIZARD chores. Not to mention that you would be a magical being.

Unfortunately our letters never came (still holding out hope), but we can still experience the world of Harry Potter in a variety of ways. There are the books and movies, of course. There’s also homemade Butterbeer, competitive Quidditch (played with a human Snitch) and the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park. But for some superfans, that’s not enough. They want the full Hogwarts experience, and now they can have it at the College of Wizardry.

Oh yes, the College of Wizardry is a very real and magical place — Czocha castle in Poland, to be exact. Students enjoy a four-day larping experience of taking classes, practicing wand skills and playing Quidditch—all while wearing robes. There’s even a Yule Ball! But there’s no Gryffindor or Slytherin here—the Czocha houses are Molin, Libussa, Sendivogius, Durentius and Faust.

Enrollment is about $540, which includes food and lodging. The next available session is in November, so make your reservation stat! All you need to do is get yourself to Poland (about a three-hour bus ride from Berlin). In the meantime, take a look at these pics from previous students.

It looks just like Hogwarts!

Look at the Great Hall. How amazing is this?

They offer Potions class, you guys.

No, really—they offer classes.

What’s a wizarding school without wands?

Students can’t get enough of the view.

Sign us up!

(Images via Warner Bros. and Instagram.)

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