This college marching band just covered a Kanye song, and we’re obsessed

We all know that marching bands are awesome (especially when they involve cats), but it’s probably safe to say that they don’t typically cover hip-hop songs by mega-famous rappers like Kanye West.

Apparently that’s all changing though, so… prepare accordingly.


As Entertainment Weekly reports, a marching band from Florida’s A&M University covered Kanye West’s “Father Stretch My Hands Pt. 1” (from The Life of Pablo)at a football game against Tuskagee University!

This song was #4 on our ranked list of songs on the album, so we were pretty excited to hear this unusual cover. Are you ready to become obsessed (in a perfectly healthy way!)? HERE WE GO:

Quite unexpectedly, the collegiate makeover actually fits the song nicely! And the performance was aided by dancers performing on the steps, adding to the aweomse atmosphere.

We just wish more people were in the audience to witness this magical Kanye-related moment. Hopefully the word will spread, encouraging more people to come out to games and soak in the hip-hop cover goodness. And hey, if the band needs suggestions… how about Drake’s “Hotline Bling”?

Also, where were these guys when we were going to college football games? #JEALOUS.